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ARCH is an exhibition under the 13th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme and themed “Art X Technology”. Lazarus was invited by AAiSS, collaborating with artists Benjamin Hao, Echo Hui and Lo Lai Lai Natalie. ARCH was the spotlight work in the exhibition, also expected as the photo shooting point and Lazarus Chan’s Phase 2 development opening celebration.

From pixels to simulations of nature elements, Lazarus Chan deconstructs his working process into three parts, Bit to Code, Fractal to Plants, and Nature to Tech. What will nature be in digital age when technology is becoming one of the nature in our daily experiences? Digital Plants? TV as daylight? These motion graphics within the mirror room extend our reality and raise questions about our nature.

ARCH’s Visual & Sound Artist
Lazarus Chan

About The 13th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme “Arts X Tech” Interactive Exhibition 2021

Nature to us is familiar yet exotic, as to a certain extent that our impression and understanding of it are shaped through screens around us. Hong Kong is a small place that has an uncommon understanding of what rural means, since nature is in the vicinity of the urban settlements as compared with other cities.

The design of ARCH is inspired by tents in the fields which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the multi-dimensions of sights and sounds in the world of flora. The exhibition will reveal the plant’s often-overlooked aspects and states of life images, to advocate multiple angles of narratives. Visitors can build and expand a virtual reality on the physical artworks with scenes and audios via mobile phones, to experience one’s presence between the illusion and the tangible. From the planting of paddy, the tillering of its shoots, to the falling of its flowers, the plant life cycle will be shown on the screen. 

Through this exhibition, we hope the public would realise the endless possibilities of integrating arts and technology.

Curated by Pointsman
Participating Artists: Benjamin Hao ,Echo Hui ,Lazarus Chan, Lo Lai Lai Natalie