Art After Hours
​Expanded Cinema

Art After Hours 2021

Lazarus was invited by the Tai Kwun-Art After Hours as a visual artist, performing with musician groups VON3 & manvsmachine.

Combining noise field images with fluidity shaders, echoing manvsmachine’s glitchy noise element. Featuring his artwork “” as VON3 main visual, ritually embraces a speechless ambience, an imagination when we meet the ultimate creator.

Technical assistant: Lam Chung Man

About Art After Hours 2021

Shaping the night into a one-of-a-kind audio-visual performative experience, this year’s special edition of Art After Hours brings together some of the most exciting and creative artists in the city. With various sound performances ranging from abstract sound broadcasts to post-rock to jazz-inspired music improvisation juxtaposed by imagery that are dazzling, insistent, or sublimely tranquil by turns, the invited artists all strive to express their own creative idioms and phrases, without resorting to the language that is particular to their chosen art forms. Art After Hours spans multiple areas in Tai Kwun. Visitors are invited to wander through different areas — “City”, “Woods”, “Greenhouse” — and become submerged into the ever morphing, challenging sights and sounds around them. Without relying on words, the works in Art After Hours strike at immediacy, provoking layers from the nostalgic, historical, and humorous, to the experimental and technological.

Curated by Jasmine Cheung and David Chan
Participating Artists: Annisa Cheung, Jeffery, Jess Lau, Karen Yu, Kung Chi Shing, Lazarus Chan, manvsmachine, Nerve, Simon Liu, Teeda Lee, VON3, Yarli Allison