​Expanded Cinema



“Thinking takes place in the relationship of territory and the earth.” The globe is now covered with grids and interpreted according to multiple regimes. Can we revisit how human beings come to understand and experience a new piece of land by means of imagining a landing on another planet?

Based on the contents of SAMPLE’s ISSUE 27 “E pur si muove” and ISSUE 28 “Terra Forma”, we commissioned the artists Lazarus Chan Long Fung, Winnie Yan Wai Yin, Tang Kwong San, and Wong Winsome Dumalagan in this project to create new artworks under the theme of GROUNDING. We visited Hong Kong’s Port Island with a geologist during the research phase. Picking up sands and stones on the uninhabited island, we observed deep time through the warping and cracking of rock strata to imagine the generation and transformation of the land.