Bit of Memory
data visualization

Bit of Memory

" Analysing paintings into bit of memories "

Memories are impressions generated from our surroundings and feelings. Bit of Memory is an art collaboration with Hong Kong artist Manny Yip. Manny Yip’s artwork records the memories of her childhood and family with a fluidity painting practice. She is enhancing the mood of instability about memories.

A bit is a basic unit of information in computers, which can store data types with the different codexes. Bit of Memory contains 18 signature paintings from Manny Yip’s collections, aiming to refabricate physical art pieces into raw and modifiable digital data. Analyzing Manny Yip’s paintings with a program, extracted millions of colour data into a single digital file for further processing.

Visualizing the digital data with generative brush actions and camera movement created a cinematic experience for the future immersive installation. In short, Bit of Memory is a virtual memory palace generated with Manny Yip’s remembrance.