​Expanded Cinema


“Stories of Life will go on until death, cinema likewise.”

Using a heart rate sensor to estimate the audience's emotional state, selecting and presenting different plots within a second, created an illusion of real-time editing.

Instead of adopting gesture-based interaction, which typically found in video games, a cinematic interaction with emotional appeal is experimented with and applied at project “LIFE”. As the result, whole-body movement is needless in the audience's interaction with the cinema.

Heartbeat (pulse) is a physiological action that can partially reflect our mood and mental state. Sense as the emblem of life, heartbeat is mostly uncontrollable, like the choices in life; we experience its limit and quest for instinct response. Some call it fate or destiny, which prevails over time in world cinema.

The visuals are vignettes of freedom, Life & Death embedded in an impalpable system. Within the system, we as a human have our limitations. Without heartbeats, there will be no story ahead of you. You become data. You are defined by books, poetry, songs, stories about you; you are destined.

As life goes on, the audience is continuously stimulated by their senses. Their reactions trigger creations, and creation prompts emotions, and so on until one cannot decide which comes first. This ambiguous relationship is what this experience, and dually, what life is about, after all.