​Expanded Cinema



The unfolding of life stories continues present until the final curtain falls; cinema is no different in this regard. "LIFE" is an expanded cinema. The work uses heart rate sensors to estimate the emotional states of viewers, allowing them to choose different plot developments in real-time. In this way, the audience can interact with the movie instantly, weaving together an emotionally interwoven story. This project does not rely on typical interactive methods found in interactive movies or video games; rather, it explores a biometric-based approach to interaction.


Electrocardiography (ECG) is a biometric technology related to human heart rate that is widely used in the field of emotion research within psychology. In "LIFE", the ECG data interacts closely with the plots, which does not pause to wait for audience to make active choices. Much like the various encounters we experience daily, these split-second decisions may be interpreted as entanglements of fate or destiny.


The moving images in "LIFE" represent symbols of freedom, life, and death. The audience's through their emotional reactions determine the fate of the characters. Over time, the audience's emotional responses trigger plot twists, tugging at the audience's emotions. This subtle interplay constructs the entire viewing experience. After the screening, Chan interviews audience and discusses the entire viewing process with them. This intriguing interaction prompts reflection on the nature of life and the concept of destiny.