​Expanded Cinema


Stories of Life will go on until the end, cinema likewise.

“Life” is an expanded cinema project that uses a heart rate sensor to estimate the audience's emotional state, select and present different plots in real-time, moreover creating an illusion of real-time editing with the audience's emotion. Furthermore, instead of adopting gesture-based interaction which typically found in video games, a biometric interaction is experimented in project “LIFE”.

Electrocardiogram(ECG), a biometric recognition related to human heart rate, usually appears in psychological research on emotion studies. “LIFE” utilize ECG data to interact with plots, causing mostly uncontrollable choice-making for audience. As well as limited everyday experience, we may named those decisions as fate or destiny.

Those moving images project an emblem of freedom, life and death, the audience are manipulating those characters to live or die with their emotional reactions. As it goes on, the audience is continuously stimulated by their senses. Their biometric responses trigger events, and the event generate their emotions. This ambiguous relationship build-up the whole experience. Last but not least, what exactly life is about after all?