​Expanded Cinema


在 COVID-19 疫情期間,陳氏受到模擬感染軟體模型的啟示,創作複合系統《Petri.Vista》,旨在透過自主代理模擬人類現象。這些自主代理彼此互動,數位生命因不同事件和記憶而被激活。在這個數碼培養皿中,呈現出鳥瞰景觀。

During the COVID-19 pandemic, inspired by the infection simulation model, Chan created a complex system called "Petri.Vista" designed to simulate phenomena through autonomous agents. These autonomous agents interact with each other, and various events and memories activate digital life. In this digital petri dish, an aerial landscape is presented.



Initially, the agents consist of a single pixel, and as the data characteristics change, they gradually evolve into unique shapes. These agents rely on exploring and learning their environment, creating architecture, reproducing, contracting diseases or migrating to new homes. Over time, the audience may gradually perceive the patterns and meanings behind the behaviours, perhaps realising that reality is nothing more than another complex system.

"Petri.Vista" has been a finalist in the Media Art category of Hong Kong Arts Centre 27th ifva Awards.