​Expanded Cinema


"" is a system co-created by symbols and breath, with which the audience can generate and interact with symbols through breathing. Language is the cornerstone of civilisation. It evolves as society develops. From Quipu to alphabetic systems, humans have created numerous methods of communication that document our progress throughout history.


《》在 《INSTINC D:Art Fest 2022》中被選為全球十四個地區中的《The Best of 20》。

In the digital age, we convert language into various standard information technology formats. These technologies limit our freedom to choose words and indirectly modify the nature of language. Behind computer files are mysterious codes that are regularly updated but have yet to be generally known. Because of these constant changes, technology is causing us to become increasingly alienated from our language. To demonstrate the fluidity of syntax and the uncertainty of digital language, "" uses wireless devices to receive sound and create distorted symbols. The device's appearance combines flutes and obelisks; the audience can blow or speak into it, generating symbols projected onto the audience's appointed location. These symbols are then integrated into the projection during software activation, moving and combining to form new symbols, waiting for other audiences to give them meaning.

"" was selected as one of the "Best of 20" in 14 global regions at the "INSTINC D:Art Fest 2022".