​Expanded Cinema

“A fluidity structure composed with symbols and breath.”

We breathe to speak; language is a fundamental element of our civilization. When our societies evolve, language will transform bit by bit. From Quipu to Alphabet, humans invented methods for communication concerning their surroundings.

In the age of digitisation, we translated our language into different formats of information technology standards. Those technologies constrain our choice of words and reform our language indirectly. Behind all the computer documents, there are inexplicable machine languages and programming languages that update once in a while. That hidden layers are not obvious. Due to these continuous changes, our technologies alienated we from our language. Strangely, we peacefully accepted and gradually limited to an on-screen text box, waiting for the automatic correction or word suggestions. Is the computer helping us to express or affecting our expression?

To show the fluidity of language and the uncertainty of digital languages. collects the audience's breath into a visual structure composed of distorted symbols and sound. Then, with the wireless detector, audiences use their vocal cord to produce meaningful sounds and vocabularies to control and produce the on-screen symbols. After that, they can only wait for those symbols to combine into a meaningful word.