Stochastic Camera ver 0.1
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Stochastic Camera

《Stochastic Camera (version 0.1)》 是個影像生成及攝像軟件。陳氏受狹縫掃描、三維渲染引擎的渲染邏輯和隨機過程啟發,介入數碼相機的攝像過程從實際環境中渲染照片。陳氏認為數碼相機令拍攝過程變得便捷及即時。然而,在攝取過程簡化的同時,捕捉抽象影像的局限也出現了。攝像軟件允許藝術家在像素層面上操縱圖像捕捉方法,根據實際環境和算法創造出不可預測的結果。《Stochastic Camera (version 0.1)》 將影像攝取區域劃分為二維陣列,藝術家可以決定陣列大小,再順序連續捕捉陣列內的單個像素顏色,捕捉周圍環境。當藝術家利用這個軟件進行創作時,藝術家會等待、觀察並反覆修改代碼,從而得出圖像結果。

"Stochastic Camera (version 0.1)" is an image generation and photography software. Inspired by slit-scan photography, 3D rendering engine logic and stochastic processes, Chan intervenes in the digital camera's image capture process to render images from the real world. In Chan's view, digital cameras have made the image capture process more convenient and instantaneous. However, as the process becomes easier, so have the limitations of capturing abstract images. The software allows artists to manipulate image capture methods at the pixel level, creating unpredictable results based on the actual environment and algorithms. "Stochastic Camera (version 0.1)" divides the image capture area into a two-dimensional array. Artists can determine the size of the array and sequentially capture the individual pixel colours within the array to capture the surrounding environment. When artists use this software to create, they wait, observe and repeatedly modify the code to achieve the image results.