Stochastic Camera ver 0.1
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Stochastic Camera

"Render unpredictable photo from the surroundings."

Stochastic Camera (version 0.1) is a digital image capture device. It allows the artist to manipulate the image capturing method in codebase and pixel level, creating unpredictable results based on the surroundings and codes.

The digital camera is commonly used to capture real-life images instantly and precisely. While the shooting process has become simpler, limitations on capturing abstract images and provoking creativity in digital craftsmanship arise. Inspired by a 3D rendering engine and stochastic process, Stochastic Camera (version 0.1) divides an image into separate parts captures colour and light.

"Stochastic" is a mathematical term that refers to a system or phenomena involving random processes, probabilities and changeable uncertainties. Stochastic Camera (version 0.1) introduces a generative encounter rooted in the surrounding elements. In the process of image-making, the artist waits, observes, modifies codes, records images over and over. Imageries are elaborated and extended, evoking a digital photographic development of perception and time.