​Expanded Cinema



"UnDIRECTED?" re-examines the relationship between humans and virtual structures, exploring the audience's emotional reactions to virtual reality, biometric and hand gesture recognition technologies in non-linear narratives. Soon, we will inevitably be immersed in a virtual world with full sensory and biometric recognition capabilities. Since 2021, international companies have claimed to be investing significant resources in developing the metaverse, recognising it as the next stage of the internet. A virtual reality device with biometric interaction technology, including facial expression and heart rate recognition, was also introduced. Since then, extended cinema will gradually become part of our everyday lives, no longer confined to venues such as cinemas, world expos or museums.


《UnDIRECTED?》榮獲香港WMA的「WMA Photography Award」。

"UnDIRECTED?" is an extension of "LIFE", a project that combines heart rate recognition technology (ECG) in expanded cinema. Previous research has focused on finding significant differences between video games and interactive cinema. In addition, Chan pointed out that previous interactivity relied too much on the audience's intense physical movements when considering the development of interactive cinema. Previous discussions raised new questions for this study, such as how to enrich narrative diversity and utilise the variety to create uniquely personal experiences and whether there are behavioural patterns that can be exploited.

"UnDIRECTED?" won the WMA Photography Award from the Hong Kong WMA.