​Expanded Cinema


“Slitting dimensions, unfolding signal’s transference.”

Creation’s concepts frequently originated from daily experience and observation; recreating those phenomena is the craftsmanship in art. In the 21st century, which is an era of virtualization and digitization, physical skills blend with digital technology, cooperating and enhancing each other. Those are some reasons why disclosing those digital phenomena as an intervention in art experience is justifiable.

“Digital Data” - is colourless, shapeless and odourless, which is an essential of our daily surroundings. From the civil to the military cell tower, signals are transmitted to every city. With its endless evolution, it will be everywhere in the world. At the same time, the process of transmission is not noticeable and often faces different degrees of interference. Those remaining signal noise and energy lost contains countless unknowns.

Solo exhibition “D^4” as The 13th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme’s key event and Lazarus Chan’s Phase II development startup project. Aim to utilize digital technology to amplify innovative art experience and present the power of “Art x Tech” in a new media artwork. “D^4” is composed of large displays, allowing the audience to immerse in an imaginary three-dimensional space, interacting with the audience and reproducing the moment of signal transmission.

Exhibition Period :  17 August – 22 August 2021
Time : 9am – 7pm
Venue : Black Box of Tai Po Arts Centre  (2/F, Tai Po Arts Centre, 12 On Pong Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong)

Artist : Lazarus Chan
Creative Team : Chan Long Sing, Howie Chan

Organised By : Hong Kong Arts Development Council, AAISS
Curatorial Team : Pointsman