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Interactive Visualist - Soundscape Designer -

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Singer - Songwriter - record label founder

Lazarus Chan Long fung


2019於香港城市大學創意媒體學院畢業,其學生作品《Stochastic Camera》受邀請分享刊登於校網,並擔任學生代表分享。同年,籌劃《Draw With Code》工作坊和作為課程導師,獲香港藝術教育學會(HKSEA)採訪。2016年曾獲得香港藝術學院頒發最佳畢業作品和最佳學術表現獎。

於新媒體藝術團隊 - XCEPT,現職互動影像藝術家及音景設計師,其商業作品曾於中國多地巡展,包括上海、天津、西安、哈爾濱等地。

Lazarus Chan is a new media artist who explores human experience including life & death, consciousness and time in his works. He specialises in multifaceted mediums, such as soundscape, electronics, data visualization, generative art and mixed media.

Graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong in 2019, his student work, Stochastic Camera, was well-received and he was invited to share the work as an alumni / a student representative. In the same year, he initiated “Draw With Code” workshop and was interviewed by Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA). He was awarded the Best Graduation Work and Best Academic performance from Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) in 2016. 

He is currently working as a full-time Interactive Visualist & Soundscape Designer at XCEPT, his commercial work has toured in China multiple cities, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Xi'an, Harbin, etc.


2019 __ CityU School of Creative Media | NEW MEDIA ( BAS )
2016 __ Hong Kong Art School | Higher Diploma in Applied and Media Arts (HDAMA)


2018 __ The SCM Annual 2018: Clus ters of Ins tances


2020__ Sharing for HKAS Alumni Network ( 創造,被創造,我與你和他的關係 )


2020__ Sharing for School of Creative Media ( SCM Alumni Sharing - Lazarus CHAN (BAS) )


2018__ Interview by School of Creative Media ( Stochastic Camera - by Lazarus Chan (Bachelor of Arts & Science in New Media Student) )


2018__ Interview by HKSEA ( Hong Kong Art Education Journal ISSUE 2 2018 P.13 -14 )



2019 __ School of Creative Media - Student Awards for Distinguished Service
2016 __ Self-Financing Post-Secondary Scholarship Scheme
2016 __ Hong Kong Art School - Best Graduation Work
2016 __ Hong Kong Art School - Best Academic Achievement


Interactive Visualist & Soundscape Designer
2019 __ XCEPT

Course Instructor
2019 __ Draw with Code Workshop ( SCM & HKSEA )


2018 __ Ear Up Music Global

Student Representative
2018 __  School of Creative Media ( BAS )

Video Editor
2016 __  Hi Houses  - Jaffa Lam 
2016 __  Chole Wongʼs performance collection